Top 10 Online Business Ideas in 2021 – Part 2

In the 1st part we saw some great examples of ideas of online start-ups to consider while you’re planning to launch your own business. Now let’s see other examples

6. Start an Online Training Business

E-learning became of the most profitable businesses of our time. Whether in entrepreneurship, marketing or learning languages, you will always find a specialist (more or less qualified) to help you develop your skills.

Forbes estimates that the e-learning market is expected to reach more than $ 270 billion in 2022.

Today, we no longer consider going to register or do vocational training at a university as much when we want to improve skills, nowadays we are moving towards e-learning. If you doubt it, you can check and discover the success of Udemy platform and other e-learning websites.

7. Get into IT Development

The demand for IT development is growing fast and forecasts indicate it is expected to go on until 2024. It may seem quite challenging, but with a perfect strategy, it is still a ​​profitable business.

You don’t have to be a successful programmer to start a software development start-up. Even with a limited technical background, you can follow some training courses in order to learn the fundamentals, or simply hire a developer who will create your software. Indeed, the idea of ​​software or application is more important here than computer programming skills.

Software as a service (SaaS) is also another business model that continues to prove its importance, whether on a mobile platform or a workstation … it allows you to generate a regular income.

8. Start an eBook Publishing Business

The internet has changed a lot of things in our lives … so much that most of the content we read has become digital. No matter what the niche is, there is always a topic that needs to be covered in depth and may require writing an eBook. If we take each of the online business ideas that we’ve presented to you, we’re sure that you can write an eBook on each of these projects. The problem is that a lot of bloggers don’t have the time to do this. So, you contact those bloggers in need of this type of books to offer them your services.

You can also create your own eBooks and resell them directly through an e-commerce website. The opportunities to be seized are real, it is up to you to seize them.

9. Fine and Custom Online Pastry

Are you fond of baking? If you are subscribed to many YouTube channels in this field, you might want to consider making it a profitable business.

Why is this a good idea for an online business? Because most people fancy having delicious pastries and there are many opportunities to eat them: parties, birthdays… At the moment, custom made cakes became a trend, and there are many niches: gluten-free, sugar-free, small reception pastries …

10. Create A Virtual Assistance Business

The increasing number of online entrepreneurs has created a growing need for virtual assistance. The VA assists the entrepreneurs in their growth by providing them with decent support in teleworking. The virtual assistance market is growing rapidly and could reach up to $ 12,300 billion in 2024 according to PRNewswire …

Thanks to the virtual assistance, you will be able to land missions, gain experience and rise income and then, why not, start outsourcing needs, when you have made a brand for yourself.