Top 10 Tips from The Best Entrepreneurs for Success – Part 1 

Whether they are billionaires today or not, recognized internationally or only in our country, the best entrepreneurs dared to take the plunge, clung to their dreams despite the setbacks and ended up creating value. What are their tips for the new entrepreneurs today? Here is a small dose of inspiration, to be consumed without limits!

1- Do It with Passion or Don’t Do It

The greatest entrepreneurs here are all unanimous: you will never do things as well as when there is passion and fun.

For Jeff Bezos (Amazon), you have to do something that you have a lot of passion for “even if it isn’t in the current trend”. Steve Jobs adds that it is so difficult to be successful when doing business “if you have no passion and you are sane you will stop.” Similarly, Biz Stone (Twitter) says “failure is almost guaranteed” if there isn’t “emotional engagement” in your step. What about money, a driving force for success? Michael Dell believes that “people who are looking for ideas for making money are not as successful as those who are doing what they love.”

2- Find A Solution to a Problem

No one wants a solution to a problem that does not exist. For Paul Graham, if the majority of start-ups fail, it’s “because they created something that people didn’t want to buy”. Aaron Vidas (Strategy Box) also advises businesspeople to “be the solution to a problem, not a solution in search of a problem to be solved”. Very concretely, “pay attention to people’s needs and what hasn’t been done” (Russell Simmons, Def Jam Records).

3- Having an Idea Is Good, Executing It Is Essential

Anyone can have an idea. But there is a great difference between having ideas and acting. Walt Disney said once that “the way to start is to stop talking and start acting”. Also, Jack Dorsey (Twitter) confirms that “the hard part is to get started”. For Hannah Oiknine and Sarah Azan (Babbler), “it’s not enough to have a good idea and a little bit of money,” as the success of a project depends on its execution.

In entrepreneurship as in life, you have to be constantly on the move. To avoid getting stuck, make decisions every day (even small), take a step forward every day (even small). As Serge Kampf (Capgemini) says: “You have to be constantly on your toes. If you sleep, then you are dead”

4- Surround Yourself … And the Best!

Palmer Luckey (Oculus Rift) advices the start-ups: “You don’t have to know how to do everything, and even if you can, you shouldn’t”. Reid Hoffmann (LinkedIn) says: “If you play solo, you will always lose against a team”. Yet, did you know that a bad team is one of the main causes behind failure of a start-up? Renaud Visage (Eventbrite) advises entrepreneurs to “pay particular attention to first recruitments”. For Warren Buffet, you have to “rub shoulders with better people than you”. According to Beth Hurley (Covanta Energy), you should “find experts in the areas where you are not the strongest and don’t feel threatened by them”. Even more concretely, Naval Ravikant (AngelList) states that “you have to find an associate who has these three characteristics: a lot of energy, very intelligent, and above all very honest.”

5- Take Care of Your Corporate Culture

Once you’ve assembled the dream team, how do you keep it and work together? For Florian Douetteau (Dataiku), it is necessary “above all to recruit people who know how to talk to each other”. Then Tony Hsieh (Zappos) advises to “pay attention to the corporate culture”. For Jessy Bernal (Doctolib), he recommends us to develop an efficient corporate culture: “When the team is on the fingers of one hand, having a ‘culture’ meeting has no importance. The exercise then seems artificial and there are so many other emergencies to deal with.