Turning Skills Into Money Making Venture

When you get to a point in your life where you begin to think about monetizing your skill, it means you have become serious about making money. Interestingly, you have come to a point where many never get to in their pursuit of money. Not so many people think about their skills when looking for money. It is a real example of starting with what you have. 

 Money only flows in the direction of value. So, if you are thinking of making money with your skill, it means you should be thinking of making your skill valuable to people. People will always pay for value as long as it addresses their needs. What need can your skill address? That’s the multi-million dollar question you should be answering right now. As you answer the question, be honest with yourself. 

 Sometimes, it may be difficult to identify the need. If you look well, you will discover the need is scattered all around you. There is no skill without relevance. Take your time to study the environment, and you will see the need. Think about the problems and how your skill helps you solve them. Any problem you can see, it’s most likely you have the solution if you can think deeply. 

 Next will be to package the skill into a product or a service to address the identified problems. It must be done in a way that can attract people and make them pay for it. Note that every product or service has a target market. You will need to have a target market and research if they can actually pay for it. There are ways to package your skill into what people want to pay for. Here are three ways you can do that; 


 There is no skill that cannot be put or packaged in freelance. You can do that with an established platform. This could either be online or offline, depending on your choice. If you like writing, for instance, you could do freelance writing. There are countless platforms where you can do that. 

 A Product 

 You can as well monetize your skill by developing a product out of it. Using writing as a skill, you can write books. That may be an ebook or hardcopy, and that’s a product—there are tons of people making millions from their published books all over the world. Having a product is a very good way to earn money.  

 Start Consulting 

 You can begin a consulting business centered around your skill. The only thing about this option is that you will need to go beyond having skill. You will need training and some certification. This will help you command some respect and will better place you in an advantageous position.  

 With this, I believe you must have found your answer to how you can monetize your skill. If you like to share your experience reading this piece, kindly use the comment section. And if you have already worked on any of these, let’s hear from you and learn from your experience.