Twitter Influence Marketing Guide 

1. Research and identification

A simple search on a term in your industry will allow you to find the most popular posts currently in the “Top” tab. By extension, you will therefore be able to identify influential accounts (given the number of subscribers and the quality of the posts).

2. Follow influencers

When you have completed the prospecting step, all you have to do is follow the flow of influencers. In order to find your way around more easily and quickly, I advise you to create a list dedicated to them. It will only take you a few seconds to set up and the people concerned will be notified, when you have added them to your list. 

3. Interact with posts

It’s time to get down to business, interactions! They are essential on Twitter, because they allow the creation of real exchanges but also the establishement bonds between the users. If a post seems interesting to you, bookmarked or retweeted there. Thanks to the new way of retweeting, it’s now easier to add a comment to the tweet while sharing the content! Respond to influencer tweets to start a conversation, such as asking questions. 

4. Make direct contact

On Twitter there are two ways to establish contact with a user. The first is to mention the person in a tweet (putting a period “. @ Nickname” before the mention makes your tweet visible to all your subscribers). Take a respectful approach, don’t be crude, you have to find a way to interest the person, if it’s in your field of activity, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with that. The only problem with this method is that it is public, so everyone can see it.  

The second solution is to contact the person by private message (also called direct message or DM). Regarding this feature, either the person is subscribed to your account so access to the DM is possible, or they are not, so it is impossible. However, Twitter recently opened their inbox (making it open to everyone), but that will depend on whether the user has this feature enabled or not. This method is in my opinion the best, but not all users think of checking their Twitter mail regularly, the response time is quite variable. Last thing on this subject, no automated message should be sent! All your messages should be personalized.

5. Offer content

I myself receive tweets and private messages that invite me to discover content, but in a completely automated way with almost no human presence behind. The result is simple I ignore them completely, because I do not see why I would waste my time clicking on their link when they have just configured a tool to chain posting. 

The goal is to get your content promoted by influencers on Twitter, your content must be made in this direction, demonstrate your seriousness and your expertise. It also bodes well to bring that little extra that will activate the visibility machine. Usually video content, infographics or lists are very viral. Surveys, contests and the publication of a white paper are also great assets for your visibility! It’s up to you to judge what works best for you and is within your reach.  

However, there is no point in providing links to your other accounts on other social networks, including Facebook. The influencer will have less interest, since there is no immediate content to view.