Types of Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads is a crucial part of social media marketing. Facebook has a lot of users. The platform has micro targeting features that enables you to reach your target audience. It is suitable for your return on investment, conversion rates and budget. This post  tells you the types of Facebook ads.  

Types of ads you can place on Facebook  

This is the kind of ad that runs on Stories and News Feed. You can view them as ads that appear in stream. Video ads display your product in action and your team. It is not necessary for your video ads to engage filming footage. You can make animations or GIFs and place it on Facebook as an ad. 

Video poll ads  

Video poll ad is a mobile friendly ad that connects with video polls. It is a new form of advertising on Facebook, however data shows that such ads can promote awareness of brands, in a more efficient way. 

Carousal ads  

This is an ad that utilises 10 videos or images to display a service or product. With this format highlight the various benefits of the product, or  use the entire photos to make a large panorama and describe benefits of various products. 

Slideshow ads 

Slideshow ads lets you make video ads from existing video clips, text or photos. You can select stock photos directly, if there are no images of your own. This kind of ads have a catchy motion like the videos but makes use of bandwidth 5 times lesser, they load more efficiently for people that have a slower connection. It is a way to reach a target audience. 

Collection ads  

With this kind of ads you can display 5 products which your customers can purchase. This type of Facebook ads is only available for mobile users. Collection ads make use of instant experiences, letting people buy their products without moving away from Facebook. People can shop online on the go. 

Instant Experience Ads  

This type of ad was formerly called Canvas. It consists of fullscreen mechanism that can load fifteen times faster than a website. You can add links to instant experiences with these ads, with more access to mobile content. 

Lead ads  

Lead ads are only found on mobile devices. You receive information about people’s contacts, with less typing. It is suitable for letting people get more information, sign up for a product trial and collect subscriptions for newsletters. The ads help to cut down the cost of lead generation. 

Dynamic ads  

Dynamic ads lets you promote the products you target for customers. Stores use dynamic ads to retarget customers. It is an effective way to advertise. 

Messenger ads  

A lot of people use Facebook. Create the ad and select Messenger and choose a Facebook feed. You may run ads like ‘click-to-messenger’ in Facebook feeds, so people can interact. 

Stories and augmented reality ads  

Stories ads are video formats that uses a full screen, letting you engage viewers without having them turn the screen. Augmented stories ads use animation and filters. 

Playable ads  

This type of ad involves interaction. It tells people to interact with the content.