Types of Influencers How to Choose the Best for Your Brand?

The networks are full of people who struggle every day to build a community of followers gives them the coveted title of influencer. Let’s remember to be classified as such, they must have the support of hundreds and thousands of loyal followers who recognize and value their work. 

Followers who in turn represent options not only of recognition for the influencer, but also an opportunity to improve their finances through advertisers; who are interested in their content for the promotion of their services on their different platforms. That is, to hire their services for influencer marketing. 

Not all influencers are the same

These figures who owe their fame to exposure on networks such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, among others; certainly differ from each other because each one is dedicated to exploring content of various kinds. And even when they share the same topics, they usually distinguish themselves by maintaining a particular point of view.  

In other words, each influencer has his or her own personal stamp. Now, these influencers have in common the support of their loyal followers who consider them a figure with property to dominate the topics they talk about; so they tend to be very influential on their community. 

If we take into account that many of these followers take seriously many of their references and opinions; influencer marketing is perfect to publicize a brand and increase sales in a very short time. 

Types of influencers

Among the influencers we will find a few categories that can be considered the base pyramid: 

  • Celebrities: they are those public figures who have reaped their fame in the public for their work within the world of show business; and who have a wide presence in social networks. Among them we can mention: Singers, actresses and actors, models, high-level athletes.  
  • Fashion: They are people with a high knowledge in fashion through their presence in the networks are responsible for keeping up to date on current trends.  
  • Entertainment: These influencers are dedicated to developing content that aims to entertain. Within this guild, comedians abound. 
  • Fitness: Influencers dedicated to influencing others to adopt a healthier lifestyle through their own experience. Among their objectives is to raise awareness about good nutrition and exercise. 
  • Gastronomy: In this category, the different cuisines of the world are usually presented through dishes and recipes. They share from photographs to complete contents teaching step-by-step recipes. Many influencers tend to make recommendations in their feed. 
  • Gamers: These influencers are experts in various games. Their main role is to enlighten other players on the tricks and moves to complete a game. 

Among the influencers we can also find personal motivators, psychologists, sexologists, health experts, etc.  

In order to carry out an effective influencer marketing, the company must carry out a study to identify the influencer fits its vision and shares the values of your company. The issue goes beyond just gaining a large community of followers. 

This is a reality every company should take into account before venturing into influencer marketing.