Understanding Influencer Marketing on Instagram 

Instagram is still one of the trending social networks today, even though its launch is over a decade old. So it is not surprising that influencer marketing on Instagram is a $ 10 million industry today. 

In short, it is an incredibly profitable sector, which is widely used by brands and companies to promote themselves through influencers. But for these strategies to work, you must know their keys, which we tell you through this small guide. 

How does influencer marketing works on Instagram?

Influencer marketing allows brands to connect with their target audience, but in a much more authentic way than the traditional one. It is not only about selling directly, but establishing relationships with the public through influencers, so that they can sell for brands. 

On Instagram, with 1.2 billion active users per month, this is easily possible. Since influencers or trend personalities can have a close relationship with their followers, sharing their opinions and aspects of their lives. 

This gives the impression to the followers they are closer to the influencers; so when they recommend something, it is as if they heard it from the mouth of a friend. That is how simple (and complex) influencer marketing is. 

Benefits of using Instagram

In just a matter of years, Instagram influencer searches by companies and brands have increased by 1000%, and for good reason; because it is a very profitable way to promote, in addition to presenting the following benefits.

1. Relevance

Instagram continues to be one of the most relevant social networks on the market, thanks to the variety of its content and constant updates. Therefore, it is one of the biggest drivers of organic traffic, but what does this mean and how does it affect marketing? 

Organic traffic refers to the real interactions the users has with real audiences, not with bots, but consumers and potential clients. And this is enhanced, since people not only interact with an advertisement, but with a real person who integrates a product into their life in a “natural” and organic way.

2. Variety

It is said that Instagram is a niche for a good reason, and it is because there is a wide variety of content for all tastes. So any brand can find or create its community, by relating its content to a specific niche. 

This is possible thanks to the creation of hashtags, with which consumers have direct access to a brand. Or, through the thematic channels or the Instagram exploration page, whose algorithm is something worth studying.

3. Authentic and personal

Influencer marketing works thanks to the personal connection these influencing personalities have with their audience, because of their ability to empathize and create an authentic and genuine community. By being a brand ambassador, an influencer becomes a trusted source for their followers. 

Being this, and many more, the advantages of opting for influencer marketing through Instagram; which is among the most relevant and sought-after networks on the market. And it seems it will continue to be for much longer.