Understanding KOC (Key Opinion Customers) Marketing

There is a rising marketing strategy evolving from the consumer perspective. This marketing strategy is soon taking over the way goods and services will be viewed and purchased. It is called key opinion customers (KOC) marketing. There is a need to explore what it means and how it can be taken advantage of by every serious business. 

Key opinion customers (KOC) marketing involves the use of experts in product testing. They will use the products and then make a review of the product. They usually share the reviews they make with the public. These reviews are based on the experience they get from using the product. They are also referred to as key opinion consumers.  

Key opinion customers (KOC) generally originated from China, and it is presently growing beyond imagination. Key opinion customers (KOC) marketing strategy is gradually replacing the key opinion leaders (KOL) marketing strategy. With the look of things, this may be a new era in marketing. It may as well influence social media marketing strategy. 

Interestingly, key opinion customers (KOC) are people usually with small followers but with excellent review skills. Even though they have small followers, they report and review their personal experience during the use of the product makes a lot of people believe in them. And given time, their followers will increase as they do this more. 

The greatest asset key opinion customers have is their reviews’ reliability since they are recounting their experience. If there is one thing people want when making a purchase decision, it is whether the goods will do what it promises to offer or not. So, if they have someone who has tried it out to give a first-hand experience, they will love to hear. 

Do they influence people’s buying decisions? Yes, they do. Suppose you want to purchase a product and then have an article or a video done by someone who has used the same product before. Won’t you take your time to find out what the person’s experience was? I am sure you will, and you will even base your purchase decision on the review.  

Unlike the key opinion leaders who have a paid collaboration with brands to promote their products, key opinion customers are experts in product testing and review. They do it for any product of their choice. It is a fundamental reason why people trust their reviews. Key opinion customers (KOC) put their integrity on the line when they review products. So, they know they have to tell the truth. 

Although key opinion customers (KOC) have smaller followers but imagine what those small followers can do if they share the review content with two or more people because they know it is authentic. Key opinion customers may just own a small digital marketing agency. That means it is an easy way to gain the most effective marketing strategy, which is the word of mouth of those small followers. 

So, key opinion customers (KOC) marketing strategy doesn’t just place the products in the audience’s face; it searches for the true lover and user of the products among the target market who may want to know what the product has to offer.