What Are the 3 Main Types of Digital Marketing? 

Like most fields of marketing digital marketing is also a diverse network with many subtypes available. While promoting your product, service, or business a digital marketing agency takes special care in noticing what type of digital marketing is best suited to you and then invest in it according. Each type of digital marketing takes its own time and effort and engages potential customers in a separate fashion. What is needed to be understood is that they also have different types of reactions, and although there exist no formula that can perfectly describe what ratio of what type of digital marketing should be used to promote a product the emphasis should still be on trying to not overdo will while also trying your best to not underdo it either. Finding the perfect balance can be tricky but that is why we pay the digital marketing agency in the first place! The following are three of the main types of digital marketing used regularly, knowledge with regards to them is essential as it lets you know what you want from your agency, ensuring better results: 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best ways to increase traffic on your website. It ensures that your website isn’t “hidden” but actually easily trackable. To understand how SEO works one first needs to understand how a search engine works. The search engine in general maps the words you have searched onto the words and descriptions used in the websites available online to display the best results. Of course, as time has passed artificial intelligence and machine learning has improved the results and basic working of search engines a lot and they no longer strictly work on this approach but this is the basic working mechanism. For Search Engine Optimization, the digital marketing agency bends the description and details of your website to make it more likely to pop up when someone searches for a service similar to yours.  


Pay-per-click is an advert type where a website displaying the advert is paid whenever someone clicks on the advert displaying on their website. The advert usually leads the website to be advertised thus increasing its traffic and popularity which again helps in making it more trackable as one other thing used by search engines to find the best results is listing the more popular results above the lesser popular ones. Ads can at times be annoying but once done right can be a great way to not only bring people to your side but also in general spread the word.  

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a very effective and efficient way of getting your message across. The domain of social media marketing is not just limited to posting about the product you are representing on various platforms but also posting ads with regards to your page, handle and account, etc. on different platforms. Since social media accounts also allow a way for people to communicate with the business directly it also adds a lot of benefit to the customer care side of the business as well.