What Is B Roll?

B-roll is otherwise known as Broll. It is any additional video that has been deemed supplementary to your primary image. B-roll can be taken from every platform apart from your main photograph, bought from stock footage, or pick- up from any source. 

In the early days of Hollywood movies, the word A-roll vs. B-roll emerged when major filming was called A-roll. For filling and transition cuts, the same film roll B-roll or B-Roll was being used. 

Is B-Roll the Source a Great Video? 

Not every video is equivalent. Some of them are fascinating and entertaining. Not so much for others. What’s the secret video sauce to make? Many elements, including good sounds, short & sweet length, and a tight script, can contribute significantly. However, one crucial aspect is sometimes missed, and I think that the great videos are vital. 

B-roll is an alternate or complementary video material, which adds a video visual appeal and meaning. B-roll in your video raises your output value but offers you a technical appearance. 

Let us talk about the benefit of making use of B-roll. 

1. It makes the video very interesting

You expect your footage to become much more engaging but don’t know where to begin? The inclusion of b-roll or additional shots adds a great deal. Imagine this guy talking about luxury vehicles and describe the discrepancies between regular wheels and rimmed tires during such a theoretical conversation. It’s an excellent time to add some b-roll! It makes a rather more engaging conversation by posting pics or video tires over his discussion, rather than only showing him talk.

2. B-roll is an excellent way to mask errors and to optimize the overall editing

As if b-roll doesn’t make your videos attractive, fascinating, and elegant, the use of b-roll is also an excellent technique for removing unnecessary pieces. Let me provide another instance to explain this. Let’s say you’ve fired your boss in a brilliant conversation, but it’s gone on too long. There are a million hypotheses why conversations take so long to be engaging. There are some of the biggest insulting reasons in no specific order; maybe he gets off the subject. Perhaps his responses go even further if a concise reply is sufficient, and he can chuckle mostly on camera. 

So you’ve got an unnecessarily lengthy interview with your boss, in this case, that you’ll need to cut off. You can understand the anxiety if you’ve been in this situation. You wouldn’t want to edit anything because it seems like you exploited her responses. But that would not make her look bad for the camera. You do not want to leave things. How are you able to edit his conversation, so it looks great? B-roll must be included! 

How Do You Get an Exciting B-Roll?

You decide who you will interrogate. You prepare properly the question, plan which mic or came-room you want to use, prepare where even the respondent should sit, plan whether another question can be expressed in the video audible and whether the respondent must re-examine the query their reply. 

One can quickly conclude that before you get quality video output, one that will engage your audience, there will be a severe need for the B-roll.