What Should a Social Media Marketing Budget Look Like

If you run a digital marketing agency, the term ”social media marketing budget” is not new. Suppose you run any other business and you are looking forward to advertising your products or services on the social media platform. In that case, you need to consider understanding what a social media marketing budget is and what it entails.  

A social media marketing budget is nothing but an estimate of the expenses incurred when advertising your product, services, or creating awareness on the social media platform. It includes a detailed amount of what will be spent on each social media marketing budget segment.  

You may be wondering what exactly are we spending money on in social media marketing. Many ranges are depending on whether we are using a single social media platform or multiple. Where more than one social media platform is used, you may create an independent budget for each to monitor and evaluate which is effective. Here are five things you will need to spend on that should be in the budget; 

The Content 

The success of social media marketing is mainly dependent on the content. Is it going to be an article, a video, or a combination of both? Whichever, do you have a team to handle this, or will it be contracted? The budget must include how much is needed for this. 

The Design 

Every social media marketing will require some amount of designs. Social media engagement is dependent on graphic designs. If the graphic design is good enough, you will attract more people to the post. The amount required to take care of this must be well documented on the budget.

The Personnel 

This may include your staff responsible for responding to customers who follow the call to action on the ads. They will need to be trained to handle conversations with a customer to ensure prospects are converted. If there is a software to be used in the process, they need to be trained on this. The budget must include these expenses. 

The Ads Management 

Depending on the social media platform you are doing your marketing, you need to prepare the amount you want to use for the ads system. They will generally give you options of what each amount is likely to give you in terms of engagement and conversion rate. You will need to use the system to streamline to your target audience and work with your budget for ads management. 


This may include software used to streamline the target market, engage the customer, and take orders from the social media platform. It may also be your landing page for the sales of the product when they follow the call to action on the advert. Some may be free, and some others may cost you a fortune. The amount must be included in the budget. 

You may require more areas to spend money on depending on your marketing campaign, but these are basic expenses you will likely incur. You may add as the need arises.