Where Influencer Marketing Is Going in Asia

Influencer marketing is one of the greatest marketing strategies used all over the world. Influencer marketing is the use of people’s influence, usually on social media or in society, to draw people’s attention and interest to a product or service. It is one of the greatest ways to gain visibility or to create awareness in the current marketplace.  

While this is a world phenomenon, it is understandable that influencer marketing can be localized. It can be addressed or view per nation. This piece seems to examine the way influencer marketing is going in Asia. It will prepare us for the days ahead and share insights on what to expect in the influencer job role, expectations, and results. 

The last few years have witnessed a rise in influencer marketing in Asian countries. It is attributed to some reasons, which include the wide acceptance of social media platforms, the high increase of smartphone users, etc. It is accelerated with a massive investment in influencer marketing. As the market grows, it is needful to understand where it leads and be prepared. 

This accelerated growth in influencer marketing came with fraudulent engagement on the part of influencers. Lots of influencers resorted to buying social media followers, lies on partnership worth, etc. So many have lots of followers that don’t know what they stand for. If this influencer marketing path is not stopped, the future looks so blank. For influencer marketing that is well organized, it should enhance more sales. 

Although this path engaged by influencers has been successful so far because a proper background check was not done. The pain here is that a wrong set of people will be getting the information. When followers are purchased, it means people who don’t even have the same mindset will be part of the followers. At the end of the day, it will be a waste of resources. It means influencer marketing may be failing in the future unless it is done differently. 

It appears influencer marketing may be growing in popularity but not in results. It is evident because there is no direct and intimate relationship between the influencer and the followers. In the real sense of it, there is no influence. You cant influence people without first connecting with them. If things are not done correctly, the future of influencer marketing may become darkened. 

Interestingly, influencer marketing is gradually overshadowing content marketing. It will be felt more by content marketers. It means influencer marketing may be taking the full-blown stage of marketing as it pushes content marketing into existence. Although, content marketing is required even if you are doing influencer marketing. 

With the above-explained reasons, it appears influencer marketing may not yield many results in Asia. It means influencer marketing in Asia is at the mercy of how well things are done now. For influencer marketing in Asia, the future is now. Whether or not influencer marketing in Asia becomes great in the future is the responsibility of the present-day participants and the engagement.