Why Should Pinterest be a Key Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Pinterest is an American origin social media founded 11 years ago. As of August 2020, it already has average use of 400 million users per month. Although Pinterest isn’t popularly considered when drawing up digital marketing strategies, a closer look will change your mind. Every digital marketing agency will need to take a look at this. 

Before you set out to use Pinterest, please be informed that it has a different modus operandi. The way it operates and the lingo are different from what you used to know on other social media platforms. For instance, users are referred to as Pinners, and Pins are the content users post. It may be an image, text, or link. You can follow and unfollow on Pinterest as well.  

Pinterest has keyword similarity Google. Just the exact way keywords are essential on Google for search engine optimization; is the same here. If your pins on Pinterest are well structured with keywords, it will enhance your search engine ranking. It is one of the biggest reasons anyone should consider Pinterest as a part of digital marketing strategies.  

Pinterest allows for a direct link to your website or blog. As a business, this means you can generate more visits to your website or blog. Isn’t this a great strategy enough for your digital marketing? Well, I think it is. Imagine millions of people you can link to your business website if you pin on different boards. You should share the link that contains relevant details and such that can promote your brand.  

It is worthy of note that Pinterest gives room for more character, up to 500 characters, and users can use up to 20 hashtags per post. Apart from the fact that it enables you to write more than most social media platforms, you can also increase user-generated content if you use the hashtag and content well. It is no doubt an excellent asset for digital marketing.  

Another great reason you should consider including Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy is that it helps to create and improve brand awareness. For you to achieve this, you need to be an active Pinner. If you can do up to 10 Pins per day, it will go a long way to accomplish this, especially across different boards. A note of warning here is that those pins must be meaningful and strategic.  

Pinterest provides you the grace to even include it in your digital marketing strategies. You can create a business account, which comes with few tools that enable you to increase visibility and sales. You can be able to see your content analytics as well. Why will you not want to try this out in your marketing strategy? 

With these few tips, anyone can use Pinterest to enhance their business. Just put up a digital marketing strategy with a Pinterest action plan. And, of course, you need to begin by having an account. Simply log on to the website, sign up, and get started. It doesn’t take up to five minutes to get started. Get started now!