How to Handle Bad Reviews on Google to Save Your Public Relations 

Did someone give you a bad rating on Google? In this blog article, you will find out which Google reviews you can delete, which steps you have to follow and which alternatives are available to you. 

How Bad Reviews Occur 

A guest didn’t like your food, or someone was dissatisfied with your service – this has always happened all over the world. However, there have never been as many opportunities to disseminate this information online as there are today.  

Above all, Google offers a platform on which it is easy to write reviews that many users will read. Negative reviews on Google are part of everyday life in our digital world.  

We have put together how you do not lose new customers with bad reviews and keep existing customers and which errors you should avoid in an answer. 

Take Reviews Seriously 

Nobody is happy about negative criticism. Especially not if it can be viewed on the Internet and thus publicly. But no matter how inappropriate the rating: don’t get angry and stay calm – even if it’s difficult ;-). 

It depends on the type of negative reviews – is it a user who rated you with 1 star without comment? Or does someone take out all their frustration here and describe in detail what went wrong?  

In the second case, it is advisable to follow the description: Do you know the customer (where we would come back to the name thing)?  

Do you know the “case” and why he complains about you? Is he possibly even correct with his statements? If possible, check the facts in your system or ask employees about the exact facts. 

You cannot assign the user to your customer base, or the rating seems to be fake? Under certain circumstances, you can have a bad review deleted on Google. 

Delete Bad Reviews on Google 

In exceptional cases, it is possible to have Google remove reviews. This is done directly by Google, and you can get started with a few steps.  

However, Google does not always respond to this by deleting the rating. 

Google has guidelines for deleting reviews – the following content must be included to delete Google reviews: 

  • Spam and fake content 
  • Non-topic related content 
  • Click prompts or links 
  • Illegal content 
  • Sexual content 
  • Offensive content 
  • Dangerous or derogatory content 
  • Identity theft 
  • Conflicts of Interest 

If one of these aspects applies to your rating, you have a good chance of deletion. So how do you go about Now, you can report it as inappropriate – like this: 

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account to access Google My Business Account and select your business location. 
  2. Select the item “Reviews” on the left side of the menu – here. You will get an overview of all your previous ratings 
  3. Within the rating you want to remove, click the three small dots in the top right corner and 
  4. Report it as inappropriate – you will now be redirected 
  5. Enter your email address and choose the type of violation 

With the send button, you confirm your entries, and at this moment, you cannot do anything else to remove the rating.  

After checking by Google, the rating will either be removed .. or not. But don’t panic: If Google refuses, there is another way for you to limit the damage. 

You can do this by replying to the reviews based on facts that happen in the place. Of course, it is suggested to say sorry at first.