How to Use Google My Business to Improve Your Public Relations 

Google My Business, also known to you as Google Places or Google Plus Local, has incredible potential. Especially for regionally active companies, the tool is the chance to stand out in Google search results and to do online marketing.  

This article will find out what Google My Business is, what you should pay attention to, and what options, functions, and advantages it offers you. 

Google My Business Listing 

A Google My Business entry is like a business entry in a (digital) business directory with a massive reach. Access is an absolute must, especially for locally-based companies. 

In the Google search, the information stored in the Google My Business Tool is displayed in the form of a company entry – formerly known as Google Places.  

For example, if you google “PR Agency Texas,” a field with a Google entry appears to the right of the search results – including photos, Google reviews, and Co. (more on that in a moment). 

With Google My Business, Customers Can Quickly Find Your Business 

Google also uses the company data you enter in the Google My Business Tool for your Google Maps entry. 

The entry on Google Maps is very important so that potential customers will come across you immediately in the local search . For example, suppose an interested party is looking for a pizzeria in their area. In that case, they enter the keyword “Pizzeria” or “Pizzeria Düsseldorf,” and they will see restaurants with Google Maps entries at the top of the Google search results. 

Of course, its location is also taken into account. Besides, the user can indicate the minimum rating the restaurant must have. Other customers give the star ratings with Google accounts. Here it is, of course, an advantage if your company is rated particularly well. 

Build Google My Business 

If you are logged in with your Google account, you will get to the Google My Business Tool. With a large number of Google services and apps offered here, however, you can lose track of things. Besides, Google is constantly expanding its service and restructuring its products. 

Google My Business in the Google Account 

The Google My Business Dashboard gives you an overview of the functions and features of the tool. 

Google My Business Dashboard  

The Homepage Of The Google My Business Dashboard 

On the “start page” of the dashboard, you will find various options and views. You can “place advertisements in minutes” – here. 

You will be redirected to Google Adwords Express, a tool with which you can create a reduced form of Google advertisements that, unlike Google Ads, only offers you limited options for setting, tracking, and optimizing.  

On the Google My Business Dashboard, you can see how many calls, search queries, and actions there have been recently for the company entry – for Google Search and Google Maps.  

You can see your company’s Google rating and related reviews. You also monitor whether customers have stored photos in your entry.  

If you have published a post in the company entry, it will be displayed to you and the number of views and clicks. You can also jump over the dashboard to the presentation of your company on Google Maps and in Google search and much more. The start page display changes from time to time and can vary depending on the account.