PR Ideas for Spring 

Slowly but sure, winter is coming to an end, and spring is approaching. So it’s time to start thinking about seasonal marketing. Again, we have collected some PR ideas for you on how you can use the beginning of spring to generate more sales. 

You can use the following ideas to publish photos, videos, or text contributions in the social networks or the “News” section or create seasonal offers. There are many possibilities. In this way, you not only help your search engine optimization but also strengthen your image. 

Spring Cleaning 

  • Lots of people do a spring cleaning. Mucking out, tidying up, cleaning up, changing the scenery – there are numerous subject areas here. 
  • With the first rays of sunshine and green leaves, people go outside more again. Outdoor activities are becoming interesting again, whether walking, jogging, cycling, picnicking, or camping. 
  • Easter not only has rabbits, eggs, and nests ready as symbols, all topics related to hiding, searching, painting, and giving also fit very well here. The holidays offer opportunities for vacation recommendations. 
  • All topics relating to gardens and plants are blooming in spring. 
  • April 7th is World Health Day. Doctors, naturopaths, pharmacists, organic shops, physiotherapists, or similar businesses can start campaigns here. 

Not only medium-sized companies should now use their chance for spring PR, all other companies and freelancers also benefit from creative, seasonal ideas. Contact your PR agency or let your head smoke. It’s worth it. 

How Do Companies Find Blogs that Fit Their Seasonal Topics? 

There are now many ways: There are agencies that deal with influencer & blogger relations and design campaigns in consultation with the company. Then there are now blog lists for various areas such as travel, lifestyle, or family in which you can look around.  

And if you go on a search as a company yourself, you should take the time to do detailed research and instead rely on “less is more.” The trend is also moving away from the sole addressing of prominent, wide-reaching blogs towards the small but delicate “micro-influencers”.  

What Are Forms of Reporting on Seasonal Blogs? 

Stories that are easy to read even without the advertising part. 

Essentially, these are product tests and field reports. For example, when I present children’s clothing, I want to put it through its paces, I also take a very critical look at a hotel, but as a blogger, I also want to share my perspective on both.  

When I “test” a hotel in winter, as a blogger, I not only make sure that everything is clean and the service is satisfactory – that should be the minimum standard for cooperation anyway.  

Besides, I take my readers to the buffet, tell about my conversation with the older owners, how they are resisting the current hotel trends or show photos of the owner’s dog. Depending on the blogger’s narrative talent, stories come about that are easy to read even without the “advertising part.”