What to Know Before Hiring PR Agency for Basic Press Kit 

Before you hit the keys and send out your first press release, you should first lay the foundations for your PR – ideally in the form of a basic press kit and a press area on your website. We show you how it works. 

The term press kit comes from when press information was still given to journalists in printed form in a folder. Even if this is usually no longer the case today, the introductory press kit contents are still important. 

The company is presented in an introductory press kit: It provides an overview of its products or services and includes information on the most critical milestones in its history. 

A basic press kit presents the company, gives an overview of its products or services and provides information on the essential stages in the company’s history. These texts are particularly fascinating, adding if they tell a straightforward story and allow a look behind the scenes. This could be, for example, an anecdote from the early days of the company or a personal experience of the entrepreneur. Above all, PR agency should state the company’s unique selling point clearly. 

Factsheet About Your Company 

We recommend creating a fact sheet that presents the essential facts about your company briefly and concisely on one page or in bullet points. In addition to the products and services already mentioned and the USP, the target group and information about the company are also relevant. Provide facts at this point. If possible, please use the form of concrete figures – journalists are usually pleased about that. 

Possible contents for the factsheet are: 

  • Company Name 
  • Corporate form 
  • Company formation 
  • important people (founders, managing directors) 
  • Company size (employees) 
  • sales 
  • Corporate goals 
  • Products and services 
  • USP 
  • target group 
  • Number of products sold 

The Press Area on Your Website 

When a journalist’s attention is drawn to your company, their first port of call is likely to be your website. You should pick the press there, preferably in a particular press area. This applies whether you actively and regularly conduct public relations or not. 

This basic information is then available for download in the press area of ​​the website. This also includes the logo and printable photos that give the company a face, as far as they are available: meaningful images of the products or services, perhaps also of the building or the premises, and the managing director or owner. 

With the creation of the press area and the primary press kit contents, you are usually very well prepared for journalists’ inquiries or queries. Therefore, it is essential to create basic professional information at the beginning.  

What Should You Pay Attention to When Writing the Essential Press Releases? 

It is essential that the language style fits the company and appeals to the target group. A smoothie producer will present itself differently than a software company.  

Regardless of the topic, the texts should always be explicit and bring the content to the point. The most important rules include short sentences, active instead of passive formulations (“we produce” instead of “it is produced”), verbs instead of nouns (“we offer” instead of “our offer includes”). 

How Important Is the Quality of Press Releases? 

When companies publish press releases, it is essential that they are professionally written. They should meet all the criteria that journalists expect. Anything else would damage the company’s image.